#763 – Dick Bernard: Congratulations, Tom and Jennifer, at your 25th Anniversary. "For everything, there is a season."

(click to enlarge photos) Today is son Tom and Jennifers 25th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to you both. Achieving 25 years together is one of those significant accomplishments, not easy to attain. That’s long enough to experience both the unknown and unknowable. For a couple to reach 25 years together is a significant achievement, as anyone […]

#494 – Dick Bernard: On New Years Eve, A look back to 1960

“What are you doing New Years…New Years Eve?” For us, our six year old grandson will be an overnight guest tonight. That makes for a reasonably predictable “New Years Eve”. As for the year just finishing, and the year ahead: 2011 depends on the interpreter; 2012 is as yet unknown. They’re all important, these New […]

#286 – Dick Bernard: Visiting the Fielding Garr Ranch and some thoughts about the past.

On our recent trip to Salt Lake City, we had an opportunity to visit the Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. While the ranch, on the south end of the island, is only several miles west of Salt Lake City, the necessary driving trip is perhaps 50 miles or more, […]

#284 – Dick Bernard: advent of Advent

In my own faith tradition, American Roman Catholic, today is the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the liturgical year. It is a part of the liturgical calendar in many churches, observed in various ways in the present day. As the visiting Priest pointed out today, the religious Advent has lots of competitors, primary […]