“Respect the Board, Please”

Today, as I have for 16 years, I’ll go to my local Caribou Coffee, spend my usual 1 1/2 hours, sip a single cup of coffee, and come home to begin the rest of my day. This coffee place is a busy, very civilized place. I imagine that it reflects this suburban community of over […]

Dick Bernard: A Matter of the Family of Humankind

Today is the day before the 4th of July. Three random thoughts on the matter of “family”. (click to enlarge) 1. A few weeks ago, my brother John took a short trip into the Quebec of our French-Canadian ancestors (Dad was 100% French-Canadian). Within Ste. Famille, part of the beautiful Ile d’Orleans, John noted the […]

Remembering on Father’s Day: Grandpa Busch

All best wishes on Father’s Day. Today, as our Pastor acknowledged and affirmed at Mass, “Father” is a borderless term. Today, a few words on my biological Grandpa, Ferdinand W. Busch, who I knew for 27 years of my life. No need for many details. Hopefully I’ll encourage some of your own memories of some […]

Marking Times – Some thoughts on Memorial Day 2017

Have a good Memorial Day. This morning (beginning 9:30 a.m.) I’ll be at the Vietnam Memorial on the MN State Capitol grounds for the annual Vets for Peace Memorial Day observance. Stop over, if you’re in the area. (See end of this post.) This Memorial Day musing began with an unplanned detour on a north […]

Anne Dunn: “Keeper of the Hair Bowl”, from her book, “Fire in the Village”

(click to enlarge) Note: Anne has honored this space with her work on a number of occasions. With her permission, I present this story from her wonderful book Fire in the Village. Ordering information at end of this post. Regarding the photo, see note at the end of this post. Grandmother died suddenly, as so […]

Dick Bernard: A visit to the “Canyon of 60 Abandon”; and music in the country.

My birthday, Thursday, was just as I liked: quiet, the usual morning coffee, then Minnesota Orchestra, and dinner at W.A. Frost in later afternoon. I’m grateful for the many Facebook comments to Thursdays “birthday post“. A gift to me some years ago was a TED talk by Louie Schwartzberg called Gratitude. Here is the link […]

Shack II – Good Friday at the Basilica of Saint Mary. “God” Among Us.

SEE COMMENTS AT THE END OF THIS POST. In my tradition, today is Easter. Whatever your tradition, this day, all best for a happy one! (click to enlarge) March 17 at this space, I posted about the film and movie, The Shack. You can revisit it here. At the beginning of that post, I very […]

#1243 – Dick Bernard: The Shack

(click to enlarge) A week ago, with son and daughter-in-law, we went to the film, The Shack, at a theater within a few blocks of Littleton CO’s Columbine High School (April 20, 1999). If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, take in “The Shack”. This is a “to each his (or her) own” […]

Dick Bernard: Planting Onions…and Glorious Flowers

Today’s post is a recollection about my Aunt and Uncle. Shortly, we leave for a few days vacation. This computer will lie quiet for awhile. The following post has nothing to do with politics…then again, it may have everything…. At the exact same time I was composing this, among many critical issues, the most important […]

Dick Bernard: An Old Photograph

Today is my oldest child, Tom’s, birthday. He shares the birthdate with my wife, and our daughter-in-law; and his great-grandfather, Henry Bernard, would be 145 today, were he still alive. And two days from now would be his great grandparent Ferd and Rosa Busch’s 112th wedding anniversary. Time marches on. (click to enlarge all photos. […]