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Amy Klobuchar

Sunday, MN Sen. Amy Klobuchar made her first comments as one of the candidates for the President in 2020.  You can listen to her speech or read numerous commentaries about her candidacy here. I don’t recall ever actually meeting Amy Klobuchar in person, but she has always impressed me as a leader who makes a difference.  […]

Before the “State of the Union”

Last weekend I participated in the annual Men’s Retreat at Franciscan Retreat House in Prior Lake MN.  It was, as always, stimulating. Other than the general framework, I  simply attend and participate, with the certainty born of experience that there will be insights gathered from the conferences and conversations and reflection time.  This years Retreat […]

Heart Month

A sign at Cardiac Rehab at Woodwinds Hospital reminded us  this week that today begins Heart month.  I asked for a good link, and the recommendation was this one.  There are many other potential sources of information. This topic is, shall I say, rather close to my heart.  I have an informal update maintained at […]

A Personal “State of the Union”

PRE-NOTE:  I have struggled a bit about where I, personally, fit into being part of the solution in the current mess that is the United States…and it is a mess.  It is so much easier to be a part of the problem: to lament and to blame.  The thoughts which follow, which took root a […]

Green Book

Last week our friend Kathy passed along a recommendation to see the Oscar-nominated film “Green Book”.  Yesterday we took the bait; it is a real winner.  See it if you can, if not in a theater, at home.  I’ve linked my google page on the topic so you can discover anything you want to know […]

Vice; the “Unitary Executive”

Today is the 1st day of the 7th week following my heart surgery Dec. 4.  I’m told that most likely the body healing is near accomplished, but don’t rush anything.  Today I began a program of Heart therapy which will go on for some weeks.  I’ve started to drive solo again!  Think of being 16 again!  […]

The Wall

Last night I decided to watch, in total, the positioning of Donald Trump, and the responses from Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer.  I did watch every minute of the presentations. * A few hours later came Just Above Sunset, which summarizes points of view from the pundit class about pertinent issues of the […]

Nancy Pelosi

Yesterday I spent a bit more time than usual, watching the changing of the guard in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Yesterday was women’s day on capitol hill and, as House Speaker designate Nancy Pelosi noted, it will be during this Congress – the 116th – that the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage in the United States […]

2019 – healing.

UPDATE   Feb 4, 2019:   Yesterday (Sunday) I was at the Men’s Retreat I have attended the last four years.  It seemed a good time to do a “selfie” about the actual person a few weeks after heart surgery.  It took a few tries…here’s the one I decided to “launch”. Right before going to the […]

Infrastructure: Community

Previous related posts at Nov. 29 and Dec. 22.  Also note Caring Bridge. Today is daughter Lauri’s birthday (lower right in photo).  She says today is the 23rd anniversary of her 23rd birthday.  We all have our strategies….  I suppose there are better birthdates to have than Dec 28…if your interest is presents.  Christmas is […]