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Notre Dame, Paris

I learned about the disastrous fire at Notre Dame today, as I learned about the collapse of the Twin Towers 9-11-01.  In neither case, did I see the images until long after the event, and then the reality set in. My father is 100% French-Canadian, so France is not an abstraction to me.  At the […]

Town Hall

Saturday, our local Senator and state representatives met in an open meeting with residents of the district.  Here’s a photo taken today, with a youthful constituent “lobbying” very articulately about his issue. This meeting was like others I have attended.  This day I counted about 50 of us in the room (below).  The meeting was […]

The NCAA Final, Hurdsfield and Sykeston

Tonight in downtown Minneapolis MN either Virginia or Texas Tech will be National Champions in College Basketball.  You won’t see us among the 74,000 in the stands.  Easier to watch it on TV. My contribution to the tournament is some reminiscences of country North Dakota Basketball in the 1950s.  More about the photo in a […]

Celine Dion

Sorting through papers recently, I came across a photo, received in October, 2007, from my cousin, Pauline.  The photo was taken in April, 2007, in Las Vegas, with Celine Dion, Pauline and three of her sisters, one of whom knows Celine very well. Five French-Canadians, all five Canadian. I’d guess everybody knows Celine Dion in […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“…Everyone in this country should have good food and medication….”  Snippet” of conversation overheard by passerby at local fitness club, March, 2019.  See postnote, near the end of post. More on “the AGED” “below the fold”….  Please read the last paragraph.  I am hoping that this post will provide lots of grist for conversation and […]

A Peace of My Mind

Mark you calendar: Tuesday, April 9, will be a marvelous 10th anniversary celebration of a great project, John Noltner’s “A Peace of My Mind”.  You’re  invited to the party in South Minneapolis.  All details are here.  My acquaintance with John goes back a number of years when we met at a meeting of the Minnesota […]

Mueller Time

I write at 6 p.m. CDT on Sunday, March 24. I have followed the Russia matter very closely since the beginning, and I will continue to follow it closely in the future. Having said that, doing a search, I find I mentioned “Mueller” in blog posts in only three posts on two dates: 18 Dec […]

For Peacemakers…

A special event in the Twin Cities. Tomorrow (March 20) 6 p.m. at the Weyerhaeuser Auditorium at St. Paul’s Landmark Center : ‘Myths, Legends and Epics’ through the lens of veterans’ experience All details here: Storytelling Day 2019    


Yesterdays mayhem in Christchurch, New Zealand, overwhelms. Best I can do is to share an overnight e-mail from a group I highly respect, the Islamic Resource Group. You can read it here. My brief blog post, yesterday, Time for Ilhan, directly pertains, as well.  If you are anywhere near the “camp” that I’m in: that […]


Thursday evening was dismal, weather wise, but I decided to make the crosstown trek over to First Unitarian Society to see a new film, “Time for Ilhan“.  I knew no more about the film than the text of an e-mail from a mailing list a day or so earlier; Rep. Omar has been in the […]